Tanklokk med drivstoff slange kit med aluminium mutter ring

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The Nuke Performance Remote quick lock filler cap for 50mm (2″) fuel filler hose, for all motorsports, and aftermarket fuel cells.

Featuring a lightweight design, quick lock mechanism, and a 5-bolt pattern, this filler cap is the ultimate solution for easy, secure installation on your aftermarket fuel cell or Nuke Performance CFC Units. With just a 90-degree turn, you can lock and unlock the cap with ease.

-Quick lock filler cap, with a 90-degree lock mechanism
-50mm (2″) anti-static nylon fuel filler hose
-Extremely lightweight and flexible fuel filler hose
-Universal fitment for your motorsports build
-Safe for all types of fuels, including alcoholic fuels
-Kit fits straight onto a CFC Unit equipped fuel cell

Nuke Performance Filler cap and fuel hose kit include:

1 x Filler cap body with barb connection for 50mm (2″) hose
1 x Sealed and spring-loaded quick-locking filler cap
1 x Safety wire kit for M6 application
1 x Viton gasket, safe for all types of fuel
1 x Nylon corrugated fuel filler hose (90cm / 3ft)
2 x Viton bushings with an internal diameter of 50mm (2″)
2 x Stainless steel hose clamps
1 x POM clamp insert (used if the hose is cut into length)
5 x K6S M6x12 stainless steel bolts
1 x Aluminum nut ring *